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Workflow Introduction and its components

A workflow formalizes a business process such as a petition approval process or an engineering development process. A workflow consists of the following elements:

Process Template – A process template is the business process represented as a formalized workflow definition.

Users can use the template to repeatedly perform the business process. Because a process template is separate from its runtime instantiation, multiple workflows based on the same template can be run concurrently.

 Activities– A process template consists of multiple activities.

Activities represent the tasks needed to complete the process, such as receiving an email, reviewing a document, checking it into the repository, or approving it. 

FlowsFlows are the links between the activities, specifying the sequence of activities

 Process Data-Process data refers to the different types of data that flow through the process such as a document, a form, process variables like part numbers or customer addresses, or process parameters that enable administrators to modify a constant value for a specific parameter throughout the process instance.

 Process data is comprised of the process variables, process parameters and packages that move through the workflow.

 Process Variables-Process variables are individual or grouped data types or execution data used during the life of the process.

Different data elements that represent various types of customer information are an example of process variables.

 Process Parameters-Process parameters are values that enable application administrators to modify constant values that are used in a process. Process parameters can be used in values that are fixed within a process such as escalation roles, transition conditions, performer conditions, dynamic performer assignments, task name, and task instructions.

 Packages-Packages contain the object, generally a document or image file, passed between activities so that work can be performed on it.


Process Template

Process Template


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