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Documentum Internal Views

Documentum systems has two views for single and repeating attributes these are _sv and _sp for single attributes and _rv and _rp for repeating attributes. Examples are, dm_document_sp, dm_document_sv, dm_document_rp, dm_document_rv The two _sp and _rp views are used by DQL and the two _sv and _rv views are used by the Object…


What Documentum Object Id prefix stands for

I went through a nice article, thought to share on ecmnotes. dm_audittrail_attrs = 0; 00 (also dm_auth_config, dmc_completed_workflow, dmc_completed_workitem, dmc_composite_predicate, dmc_module_config, dmc_readcomment, dm_state_type, dmc_transition_condition, dmi_wf_attachment, dmi_wf_timer, dmc_workqueue, dmc_workqueue_doc_profile, dmc_workqueue_policy, dmc_workqueue_user_profile) dmi_session = 1; 01 dm_object = 2; 02 dm_type = 3; 03 dm_collection = 4; 04 dmr_containment = 5; 05…