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DFC Installation

There are two modes of installation of DFC: Standalone   – Installed as a part of client application. Configured information in dfc.properties. DFC.jar placed in WEB-INF/lib dfc.properties and log4j.properties files placed in WEB-INF/classes Applications can be configured with different dfc installation. Embedded – Deployed with web application Added to WAR or…


Location For DFC

  DFC Runs On : A Java virtual machine (JVM) The machine that runs Content Server.  For example, to be called from a Docbasic method as part of a workflow or document lifecycle. A middle-tier system.  For example, on an application server to support WDK or to execute server methods….


DFC Fundamentals

Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) is an object oriented application programming interface (API) and framework for accessing, customizing, and extending Documentum functionality. Documentum has implemented DFC as a set of Java interfaces and implementation classes. DFC also provides the Documentum Java-COM bridge (DJCB) to make the interfaces available in Microsoft’s Component…