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xCP Environment Setup

When we worked with xCP 1.x, it was quite difficult to setup xCP environment as there are various products to be installed and configure with xMS to create runtime environment.

With xCP 2.1 its very easy to do. Here are the steps to follow to setup xCP environment.

1. Identify the products you want to use for xCP

  • Content Server
  • xPlore
  • Thumbnail Server
  • Documentum Image Services (DIS)
  • xCP Viewer Services
  • Content Intelligence Services (CIS)
  • Documentum Administrator (DA)
  • Process Engine
  • Application Host
  • Business Activity Monitor (BAM)
  • Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS)
  • Audio Video Transformation Services (AVTS)
  • Media Transformation Services (MTS)
  • Process Integrator
  • xMS Agent
  • xMS Tools
  • xCP Designer

2. Prepare Installation Checklist for each product

3. As per the checklist install each product step by step

You may refer Deployment Guide for installation steps for each product mentioned above.

Although if you get any doubt, don’t forget to refer installation guide of the product.

4. Once you are done with product installation upto xMS agent, you need to register the environment with the xMS agent as per steps mentioned in Deployment Guide.

You may go through next guide for xCP Development environment setup

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