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DFS Services And Architecture

There are thirteen core platform services
–Version Control
–Access Control
–Query Store
–Task Management
–Virtual Document
Enterprise Content Services are –
  • Built around JAX-WS technologies including–Service Context,Context Registries,Agent,DFS runtime  Services
  • Deployed into the Content Server and hosted in the Java Method Server–JMS is a JBOSS Application Server
  •  Support the following Application Server-JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2.0,Oracle Application Server10.1.3.0,IBM Websphere Application Server V6.1, Fix Pack 13
Other Product Based Services-
  • These services are installed separately
  • They require the installation of the correct software product to function
  • They are built using DFS SDK

                    DFS product specific services are:

  • Content Transformation Services–Transformation services,Profile Service
  • ERP Integration Services
  • Compliance Management Services–Policy Services, Formal Record Services, Retention Markup Service,Library Request Service,Federated Proxy Service,Electronic Signature Service
  • Content Delivery Services

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