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Business Process Suit or Business Process Manager (BPM)

A complete tool set for business process management equally well-suited for managingloosely structured collaborative processes and highly structured high-volumetransactional processes.

Documentum Process Suite comprises the following EMC Documentum products:

Process Builder:

Process Builder enables you to easily implement process models and deploy them for execution by Documentum Process Engine. Part of Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform, Process Builder is a graphical tool that uses a set of pre-defined and customizable templates for process activities such as automated tasks, user-handled tasks, content and data management, and exchanging content and process information with external systems. Through Process Builder’s integration with Documentum Forms Builder, xCP application designers can associate form and user interface layout elements with process data, enabling users to interact with business processes.

Forms Builder:

Forms Builder allows users to input information through a standards-based electronic forms interface. Documentum forms can be used to capture, validate, and reuse data throughout a process, as well as to initiate activities or complete workflow tasks within a process.

Business Process Analyzer:

Business Process Analyzer provides a graphical modeling environment enablingnontechnical users to easily create powerful data-driven process models which can beexamined using a comprehensive set of analysis capabilities. These include dynamicallygenerated, multi-dimensional process visualization maps, process model validation, andpre-configured and customizable reports for understanding process design, goals,resources, costs, and more.

Business Process Analyzer also provides an enterprise process repository, which helpsyou understand process information in the context of the overall organization and enablesyou to leverage this information within a collaborative design environment. The MobileProcess Analyzer add-on option allows users to work offline from Business ProcessAnalyzer’s client-server environment, and then sync up with the process repository asneeded.

Business Process Simulator:

Business Process Simulator runs simulated usage scenarios for process modelsdesigned in Business Process Analyzer. Business Process Simulator can evaluate theperformance of processes under different use loads, compare the performance of currentprocesses with revised versions, and uncover bottlenecks and resource constraints beforeprocesses are put into production.

Business Process Navigator:

Business Process Navigator provides a browser-based process analysis interface sostakeholders throughout the organization can view and interact with process modelsdesigned in Business Process Analyzer. Process designers can collaborate with peoplewho use and manage business processes, and business users can access the enterpriseprocess repository to generate process maps, multi-dimensional process views, reports,and analyses as needed.

Business Process Manager:

Business Process Manager enables technical staff to easily implement and deployprocess models in Documentum Process Engine (see below). This graphical tool employsa set of pre-defined templates to configure process activities such as automated tasks,user-handled tasks, and integrations with external systems.

Process Engine:

Process Engine executes, orchestrates, and manages business processes running in aproduction environment, assigning process tasks to the correct system, group, orindividual at the appropriate time. Documentum Process Engine uses configurablepolicies and queue management to efficiently handle high volumes of incoming work,and enforces task priorities and deadlines required to meet service-level agreements. Italso provides audit data that can be used to tune processes, monitor business activity, andmeet compliance initiatives.

Business Process Services:

Business Process Services integrates Documentum process, content, and repositoryservices with external systems using a standards-based, service-oriented architectureframework. It offers a comprehensive set of methods for integration with externalsystems and applications in order to trigger a process, automate a workflow activity, andimport or export data. The result: processes can communicate with enterpriseapplications, message brokers, services, and even individuals via the Business ProcessServices automated e-mail delivery or receipt capabilities.

Business Activity Monitor:

Business Activity Monitor provides real time alerts and reports on process executiondata pulled from Documentum Process Engine. Business Activity Monitor tracks definedkey performance indicators (KPI5), providing process information at both the aggregateand instance level through user-configurable dashboards and issuing alerts when KPIconditions fall outside defined thresholds. It can also feed performance information backinto Business Process Analyzer and Business Process Simulator, using actual businessconditions to optimize process design and efficiency.

Process Connectors:

Process Connectors integrates Documentum Process Suite with best-of-breed, thirdparty applications such as rules engines and auditing, analytic, and reporting tools. EMCalso offers a set of connectors for importing processes modeled outside of DocumentumProcess Suite, enabling you to expose them to advanced process analysis, simulation, anddesign capabilities in Documentum.

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