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Processing Docbase Object:

  • Obtain an IDfClient object by calling the static getLocalClient method of DfClient.
  • Obtain a session manager by calling the newSessionManager method of the IDfClient object.
  • Use the sessionmanager to obtain a session with the Docbase, that is, a reference to an object that implements the IDfSession interface.
  • If you do not have a reference to the Docbase object, call an IDfSession method (for example, newObject or getObjectByQualification) to create an object or to obtain a reference to an existing object.

Processing docbase object:Example

IDfSessionManager sMgr = getSessionManager();
// getSessionManager() – will return IDfSessionManager
IDfSession session = sMgr.getSession( strDocbaseName );
IDfDocument document = (IDfDocument)session.newObject("dm_document" );
document.setObjectName( “Test Document" );
document.setContentType( "crtext" );
document.setFile( "C:TempWiz.txt" );
sMgr.release( session );

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