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Object Manipulation

Create a new object, setting attribute values, folder location, and associating a content file:

CREATE type OBJECT SET title = '', SET authors[0] = '', INSERT authors[0] = '',APPEND authors = '', LINK '/a/b'
SETFILE 'C:testpathabc.doc' WITH CONTENT_FORMAT 'test_format'

Modify a specific existing object, changing attribute values and folder location:

UPDATE type OBJECTS SET subject = '', REMOVE keywords[3], TRUNCATE a[1], MOVE TO '/test' UNLINK '/cde/fgh'
WHERE title = ''

Delete A Document From A Folder:

delete dm_document objects where folder('/10247',descend)

Delete all documents owned by a specific user and created prior to z specified date.
But first, the equivalent SELECT query should be run to ensure the correct documents are being deleted:

SELECT * FROM dm_document WHERE owner_name = '' and r_creation_date < DATE('') DELETE type (ALL) OBJECTS
WHERE owner_name = '' and r_creation_date < DATE('')

Change the object type of documents owned by a particular user:

CHANGE my_sop_doc OBJECTS TO type WHERE owner_name = ''

Cancel Checkout through DQL:

update dm_document object set r_lock_owner='' where folder('/A/B/C',descend) and r_lock_owner is not nullstring

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