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Objects and Content

Retrieve information about a specific content file:

SELECT r_object_id, parent_id, page, rendition,content_size, set_time, set_client, set_file FROM dmr_content
WHERE ANY parent_id = ''

 Which objects depend on a specific content file:

SELECT r_object_id, object_name, a_content_type,r_object_type, r_lock_owner, r_link_cnt FROM dm_sysobject WHERE i_contents_id = ''

How many content files are associated with a specific object:

SELECT r_page_cnt FROM dm_document WHERE r_object_id = ‘’

 What are the object IDs of the content objects associated with a specific object:

SELECT r_object_id FROM dmr_content WHERE ANY parent_id = ‘’

Retrieve details of a subfolder:

select r_object_id, object_name from dm_folder where folder('/a/b')

Retrieve size of the files related to a specific object type:

select sum(r_content_size)/(1024*1024*1024) from type(all) where owner_name in (select user_name from dm_user where user_os_name like '1%')

Retrieve all the attribute values from ldap_config_object:

select r_object_id from dm_ldap_config

Delete A Cabinet:

delete dm_cabinet objects where object_name=''

Retrieve the list of folders created inside a cabinet:

select object_name,r_folder_path from dm_folder where folder('/Know /How',descend) and acl_name='ACL_Know How' order by r_folder_path

Retrieve the sixe of content in repository before/after some specific time:

select sum(full_content_size) from dmr_content where set_timedate('')

Retrieve details of folder or folders created at document level during runtime:

select r_object_id,object_name,r_folder_path from dm_folder where r_object_id in (select r_object_id from dm_folder_r where i_position='-i') and folder('/A/B',descend)

(Here i represents the repeating attribute position)

Retrieve the size of folders:

select sum(r_full_content_size*1.0) as GTotal from dm_sysobject(ALL) where folder('/A/B', descend)



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