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Object security (ACL)

Display the folder security setting for this repository (0=disabled, 1=enabled):

SELECT folder_security FROM dm_docbase_config

 Show the default ACL mode for the Content Server:

SELECT default_acl FROM dm_server_config

List the objects associated with this permission set:

SELECT object_name FROM dm_sysobject WHERE acl_name = '' and acl_domain = ''

List the permission sets that specifically reference this user:

SELECT object_name, owner_name FROM dm_acl WHERE any r_accessor_name = ''

To set ACL of home cabinet of all newly created users:

update dm_cabinet objects set acl_name=’’ set acl_domain=’’ Where acl_name not like '' and object_name in (select user_login_name from dm_user where user_name not in ('dm_bof_registry','temp'))

Returns a list of the object_name and all users which may access the acl if they are in the group

SELECT object_name, r_accessor_name FROM dm_acl WHERE any r_accessor_name IN (select group_name from dm_group) ORDER by r_accessor_name

Returns object_name of the acl for a particular group

SELECT object_name FROM dm_acl WHERE any r_accessor_name IN (select group_name from dm_group) AND ANY r_accessor_name = 'group_name'

Set ACL of all the documents in a folder:

Update dm_sysobject objects set acl_name='ACL_NAME' set acl_domain='' where folder('/A/B/C',descend)

Get the list of folders to which a particular folder has write permission:

select * from dm_folder where acl_name IN (select object_name from dm_acl where any r_accessor_name = 'group_name' and any r_accessor_permit = '6')

Retrieve the ACL set on the inner folder:

select object_name, r_accessor_name, r_accessor_permit from dm_acl where object_name in (select distinct acl_name from dm_folder where folder ('/A/A', descend) order by object_name)


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