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DFS Installation

Content Server-
  • By default DFS comes bundled with Content Server 6.5
  • It is installed on the Java Method Server
  • DFS services run on the same machine as the CS
  • Jboss is used for the JMS
Standalone Install using DFS installer-
  • This will install EMC application Server (Jboss) and deploy DFS services
  • Can be installed on a host machine separate from CS
Clustered Install-
  • EMC application servers(Jboss) are installed on multiple hosts in a clustered configuration
  • DFS services are deployed on each of the application server nodes
  • Offers load balancing and failover support
Manual Deployment on a supported application server-
  • DFS EAR file is manually deployed and configured usingĀ  application serverĀ  specific tools.

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