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DFS Components

Documentum foundation services comprises of the following different components that work together to provide a SOA based access to the Documentum Repository-
  • Enterprise Content Services     –A set of services that provide service‑oriented APIs based on DFS to EMC software products.
  • Data model and API  –A data model and API, exposed primarily as a set of WSDLs and secondarily as Java and .NET class libraries
  • Tools for generating services and runtime supports–Service generation tools based on JAX‑WS (Java API for XML‑based Web Services), and Ant, which generate deployable DFS services from annotated source code, or from WSDL.
  • Client productivity Layer–Optional client-side runtime libraries for DFS consumers
  • SDK–A software development kit for development of DFS consumers, which includes the Java and .NET APIs, design‑time build tools, and samples.
    The DFS SDK includes:
    DFS Productivity Layer,Build Tools,SamplesDocumentation
  • EMC Documentum Solution Catalog Repository–DFS provides a custom service registry solution with an administration interface available in Documentum Composer .Provides support for discovering and publishing services

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