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Data Model

The data passed to and from the Services are encapsulated into DFS Object Model.These are the few important object types in DFS-

  • DataPackage-.The DataPackage class defines the fundamental unit of information that contains data passed to and returned by services operating in the DFS framework.It is a fundamental Unit of information that contains data.In other words,it is Collection of DataObject Instances.
DataObject dataObject = new DataObject(newObjectIdentity("myRepository"));

DataPackage dataPackage = new DataPackage(dataObject);

// add a data object using the add method

DataObject dataObject1 = new DataObject(new bjectIdentity("myRepository"));

    • DataObject- It is the DFS representation of persistent object in the repository.It stores all the information related to an object in repository.The type field of DataObject class represents the underlying typed object type name.It Comprises of:
      –ProperySet: Holds collection of property objects
      –Content: Holds content data associated with the object
      –ObjectIdentity:Holds details about the repository objects
      –Permission: Contains information about permissions on the object
      –Relationship: Store data about the objects related to the data object



  • ObjectIdentity-It represents a Unique Object in the Repository
    –An instance of this class must have the repository name and a unique identifier for that object

    –A DataObject can have 0 or 1 identitiesRepository object is identified by:-

    –OBJECT_ID: Contains r_object_id of the Object
    –OBJECT_PATH: Contains String expression of the path of the Object in repository [Cabinet]/[Folder]/[File_Name]
    –QUALIFICATION: DQL Snippet that qualify an Object uniquely
    –OBJECT_KEY: Identifier value is of type ObjectKey, which contains a PropertySet, the properties of which, joined by logical AND, uniquely identity the repository object.
  • Property-It is a container of  set of Property Objects and represents an Object Attribute (Property) in the Documentum Repository.Object Properties are of two types:
    –Single Value: Represented by Single Property

    –Multiple Value: Represented by Property Array.

    Property Class is subclassed by data type and corresponds to :

    –Single Valued Property
    –Multiple Valued Property  which is an array of the data type
  • Content-Content Instance represents the content associated with a DataObject.DataObject can have zero or more Content objects. It can hold Renditions also.
    ContentProfile contentProfile = new ContentProfile();
    OperationOptions operationOptions = new OperationOptions();
  • Permissions- It decides the permission of the object that’s represented by the DataObject.A DataObject contains a list of Permission objects.The list provide the client with read access to the current user’s permissions on a repository object.


  • Relationship-This type and its subtypes represent the relationships (dm_relation objects) for a DataObject.

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