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EMC Documentum Products

Content Server

EMC Documentum Content Server is the foundation of EMC Documentum’s contentmanagement system.

EMC Documentum Content Server is the core functionality that allows users to create,capture, manage, deliver, and archive enterprise content.The functionality and features of Content Server provide content and processmanagement services, security for the content and metadata in the repository, anddistributed services.

EMC Documentum Content Server governs the EMC Documentum content repository.Content Server gives you a rich set of content management services and a comprehensiveinfrastructure for all content applications. And when you couple Content Server withEMC Documentum High-Volume Server, you have the foundation to support highvolumetransaction and archive environments.

Content Server provides the scalability, robust functionality, and service-orientation forglobal enterprise deployments. With Content Server, you can store, manage, and deployall types of content including HTML and XML, graphics, multimedia, other types of richmedia, and traditional documents created with desktop applications.

Documentum Administrator (DA)

Documentum Administrator enables you to monitor, administer, configure, and maintainDocumentum servers, repositories, and federations located throughout your companyfrom one system running a web browser.

For example, using Documentum Administrator you can:

  • Monitor repository system and resource usage
  • Configure a repository
  • Create or modify repository users and groups
  • Create or modify repository object types
  • Create or maintain permission sets (also known as access control lists, or ACLs)
  • Create or modify repository federations
  • Create or modify formats
  • Monitor repository sessions
  • Monitor and configure Documentum system resources
  • Run server APIs and issue DQL queries
  • Create or modify storage areas
  • Create and run methods and jobs
  • Administer full-text indexing
  • Administer privileged clients
  • Administer EMC Documentum Site Caching Services
  • Administer EMC Documentum Content Intelligence Services
  • Administer EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services

Documentum WebTop

WebTop is a WDK based application. A WDK based application is built on WDK (WebDevelopment Kit) functionality. A WDK based application lets you access an EMCDocumentum repository over the web. WDK functionality lets you access, edit, andmanage content in multiple repositories. WDK functionality lets you distribute contentthrough automated business processes, restrict access to content according to permissionsets, and assign version numbers to content to help keep track of revisions.

A repository is a virtual storehouse for the content you work on, and share with otheremployees. Each repository provides security, tools, and processes for sharing content among many users. Processes control the automated routing of content, and assigndocument Lifecycles to content. Processes allow you to create, edit, and forward contentregardless of your technical expertise.

A repository stores two kinds of information for a content file:

  • The content, which is the text, graphics, sound, video, binary content, or other contentthat makes up the file.
  • The properties, which are descriptive characteristics about the file, such as creationdate, author, version number, and other information. Property values can only beedited by the file’s creator or a user with high enough security settings.

Documentum Web Publisher

EMC Documentum Web Publisher is a web browser-based application that simplifies andautomates the creation, review, and publication of websites. Web Publisher is a webbased application, using EMC Documentum Content Server to store and process contentand EMC Documentum Site Caching Services (SCS) to publish to the web.

Documentum Digital Asset Manager (DAM)

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager exposes a set of powerful administration,transformation, and intellectual property rights management capabilities that enable youto fully leverage the value of your digital assets. This interface enables you to takeadvantage of the complete set of content management capabilities offered by the EMCDocumentum platform, and manage all your content through a single web-basedinterface.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is also known as Rich Asset Management (RAM),Media Asset Management (MAM), Digital Media Management Software (DMMS),Brand Resource arrangement (BRM) and also lately as a key component of EnterpriseContent Management (ECM). DAM is defined as a value chain of software products thatenable the archival and management of digitized content. DAM can be provided throughinstalled deployments or as hosted product suites with logger software at one end of thevalue chain, core DAM solutions in the middle and digital delivery systems and servicesat the other end. Products that come within the scope of the DAM space are used in themanagement of both static and time-based digital content, including audio, video,graphics, CAD files, images, medical imaging, print layouts, animation, text files,presentations and spreadsheets among others.

Documentum Compliance Manager

EMC Documentum Compliance Manager manages controlled or regulated content fororganizations in life sciences, manufacturing, utilities, high technology, and financialservices. Documentum Compliance Manager helps you achieve compliance with externalregulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and internal policies while meeting product andservice quality standards.

Users can create, review, revise, approve, and distribute controlled content online withinan audited environment, replacing elaborate manual or e-mail-driven processes.Integration with collaboration, retention, and branch office caching services allows you toextend compliance from content creation to disposition.

EMC Documentum Compliance Manager delivers:

Features Benefits
Regulatory compliance Manage content in compliance with goodmanufacturing practices (cGMP), 21 CFR Part 11,and ISO 9000 quality guidelines.
Secure, centralized Repository Control all enterprise wide content in a secure,central repository for review, approval, and reuse.
Windows-based, web access Leverage compliance services with minimal trainingusing a hierarchical, folder-based user interface.
Controlled lifecycle Assign a lifecycle to a document to enforce businessrules for document review, approval, and distribution.
Pure WebTop extension Use advanced user interface (UI) features such as modal dialogues, extended search capabilities, and configurable presets.
Collaboration andretention support Collaborate while authoring content and controlretention and disposition with integrated platformservices.
Enhanced auditing Satisfy regulatory and legal discovery requirementsto ensure chain of custody and enforce electronicsignoffs.
Compliance controls Enforce proper approvals with justifications,eSignatures, and print control with banner andwatermarks.

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