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Standard interfaces

Documentum provides a number of standard interfaces in addition to the DFC API,simplifying access to the repository from authoring applications, application servers, andother components of the enterprise infrastructure.

The standard interfaces include:

  • ODBC and OLEDB Many reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports and MicrosoftAccess, leverage Microsoft data access protocols for communicating with theDocumentum repository using Documentum ODBC Reporting Services.
  • JDBC Many application server applications use the standard Java data access protocolto access content in the Documentum repository through Documentum JDBCServices.
  • WebDAV Documentum WebDAV Services provides a WebDAV server that enablesWebDAV-aware applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Documentum Desktopfor Macintosh, to use this protocol to communicate with the Documentum repository.

FTP Documentum FTP Services is a FTP server for the Documentum repository thatenables tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver to integrate with the repository usingthe Internet-standard file transfer protocol.

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