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Application Layer

Content Services Integration with Enterprise Applications

Documentum offers several products that enable interaction with the Documentumcontent management system from within other enterprise applications. Among theproducts are:

• Documentum Content Services for SAP

• Documentum Content Services for Siebel e-Business Application

• Documentum Content Services for Lotus Notes Mail

• Documentum Content Services for Portals

• Documentum Content Services for Sharepoint

Also available are Content Service products for delivering content to various applicationserver, such as BEA Web Logic and IBM Web Sphere.

Content Services links content in Documentum repositories with objects in the enterpriseapplication, providing users with access to key Documentum functionality using thefamiliar interface of the enterprise application, eliminating the tune and costs associatedwith searching for, filing, and storing documents. For example, an accounts payable clerkusing an SAP application can instantly see a vendor’s contract, invoice, purchaserequisition, and paid check from a single click on an SAP transaction report. Projectmanagers can review standard operating procedures, material safety data sheets,engineering drawings, and specifications from within an SAP material master form.

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