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Access Control List Involved (ACL) Involved

Permission requirements for a process User Minimum permission level Process creator Write Workflow creator Relate, Execute_procedure Workflow supervisor Relate Task performers Read   Permission requirements for process variables User Minimum permission level Process creator Write Workflow creator Write Workflow supervisor Write Task performers Write


Some Important DQLs

To obtain the workflow template object id:  select  r_object_id from dm_process where object_name = ‘<workflow template name>’ To obtain the running instances of a specific workflow template:  select * from dm_workflow where process_id = <‘workflow template object id’>

Running Workflow

Running A Simple Workflow

1) The usual workflow template objects * The workflow template objects: dm_process, a list of dm_activity objects 2) The workflow instance * dm_workflow which points to the workflow template dm_process * dm_workflow is in Running state 3) Adding package to workflow triggers the start activities * Workflow receives the package * Required packages of the start activities are fulfilled, ready to start * Workflow engine creates the task objects: The task objects contains: dmi_workitem, peer…


Object Model and Relationship

Process Definition – dm_process, representation of what’s intended to happen Activity Definition – dm_activity, representation of what’s intended to achieve at a logical step Run Time Management Workflow Instance – dm_workflow, controls automated aspect of the business process and record runtime information of workflow Task – records run time information of activity Work Item – dmi_workitem, task allocated to task performers Queue Item – dmi_queue_item, peer item for work item for querying in Inbox Package…

Process Template

Workflow Introduction and its components

A workflow formalizes a business process such as a petition approval process or an engineering development process. A workflow consists of the following elements: Process Template – A process template is the business process represented as a formalized workflow definition. Users can use the template to repeatedly perform the business process. Because a process template is separate from its runtime instantiation, multiple workflows based on the same template can be run concurrently.  Activities– A process…


Process Builder

Process Builder is the design center of the Process Suite, which enables and supports all phases of the business process lifecycle. We use Process Builder to create process templates. A process template captures the definition of a business process, enabling users to repeatedly perform the process. Individual process instances generated from a process template are called workflows.

bpm suite

Business Process Suite

The Documentum Process Suite is a comprehensive set of BPM software products that analyses, defines, executes and monitors processes involving human workflow and system-based activities. In addition, it manages all the information that supports the process. Two most important tools of Documentum Process Suite are Process Builder and Forms Builder.

bpm suite

BPM – Introduction

Transactional content is a term coined by Forrester Research to describe “content [which typically] originates outside an organization from external parties-customers or partners-and relies on workflow or business process management (BPM) to drive transactional, back-office business processes. In some cases, the content not only triggers internal processes, but is the basis for the transaction itself.” Forrester goes on to define transactional content management (TCM) as the intersection of enterprise content management (ECM) and business process…