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Custom Java Method for Job

To develop a Java method for job is simple and straight forward, Below you’ll find a sample which implements IDmMethod. package com.ecmnotes.documentum.method; import; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Date; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Set; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import com.documentum.fc.client.DfClient; import com.documentum.fc.client.IDfClient; import com.documentum.fc.client.IDfPersistentObject; import com.documentum.fc.client.IDfSession; import com.documentum.fc.client.IDfSessionManager; import com.documentum.fc.client.IDfSysObject; import com.documentum.fc.common.DfException; import com.documentum.fc.common.DfId; import com.documentum.fc.common.DfLoginInfo; import com.documentum.fc.common.IDfId; import com.documentum.fc.common.IDfLoginInfo; public class customJavaMethod implements IDmMethod { // Declaration of variables protected IDfSessionManager sessionMgr = null;…

xCP Development Step by Step – Part 2

1. Create xCP Application (xCP Developer) 2. Create xCP Roles 3. Using xCP Application Parameters 4. Runtime Configuration 5. Developing Main Page 6. Test Run xCP Application Ref. EMC xCP 2.1 Tutorial Channel @youtube

xCP Development Step by Step – Part 1

xCP Development Environment Setup 1. Quick Tour 2. Environment Setup       Ref. EMC xCP 2.1 Tutorial Channel @youtube

xCP Environment Setup

When we worked with xCP 1.x, it was quite difficult to setup xCP environment as there are various products to be installed and configure with xMS to create runtime environment. With xCP 2.1 its very easy to do. Here are the steps to follow to setup xCP environment. 1. Identify the products you want to use for xCP Content Server xPlore Thumbnail Server Documentum Image Services (DIS) xCP Viewer Services Content Intelligence Services (CIS) Documentum…

xCP Features

Process versioning – allows multiple versions of a process to co-exist at design time and at runtime, enabling developers to maintain different versions of a process so that updates follow a new path and older versions are not impacted. ·      Process debugging – enables developers to debug a process at design time, identifying and resolving potential issues. ·      Session variables – stores specific in-memory session data and in browser cookies, which enables the sharing of…

xCP Introduction

According to EMC, Documentum xCP is a powerful solution development platform that enables you to quickly create information-intensive, decision-oriented, process-centric, and case management solutions. With a focus on composition rather than custom code, xCP transforms solution development by making it 50% faster and deploying solutions up to 90% faster. Get your information workers using solutions in weeks instead of months, at a substantially lower cost, and with less resources. In its latest MarketScape on Worldwide…


Documetum Repository Migration

Introduction There are four basic options when it comes to moving a docbase: • Documentum dump and load • Third party move applications • Complete file system move • Database extract and Docbase content move Each method has its advantages, disadvantages and constraints. Here is a general listing of things you should consider when planning your docbase move. Dump and Load This is the most standard and highly recommended way to perform a docbase move….


Documentum Repository Pre-Cloning Queries

# Generic select count(*) from <object_types> # Exceptions both default and custom count # Group select count(*) from dm_group where group_name not like 'dm_%' and group_name not like ' ' select count(*) from dm_group where group_name like 'dm_%' select count(*) from dm_group where group_name like ' ' # ACL select count(*) from dm_acl where object_name like 'dm_%' select count(*) from dm_acl where object_name not like 'dm_%' select count(*) from dm_acl where object_name like 'acl_%' select…


Cloning / Copying a Docbase

Pre-requisites: The following points need to be strictly adhered to, for Cloning/Copying a Docbase: a. The clone of the Docbase should be created on a machine other than the source Content Server machine. b. The cloned Docbase should be made on a Content server installation version same as that of the source Docbase. c. The cloned Docbase name should be the same as that of the source Docbase d. The cloned Docbase ID should be…


SBO Implementation

A service-based business object doesn’t map to a particular object type in the Docbase. Instead, it provides general purpose functions for your application to use. Service-based objects can be used across docbases, even accessing multiple docbases at once. These service-based objects are intended to be called from your own custom GUIs or as convenience functions from within your type-based objects. Service-based objects were designed and optimized for multi-user, mutli-threaded, multi-docbase web applications. Create SBO in Documentum…

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